LGBT+ Community Support

LGBT+ Community Support

LGBTQIA Community Support Action Team Report

The teams have been charged with soliciting input from the community and preparing a preliminary report that presents a brief summary and historical background, benchmarking and discussion of best practices, identification of the key issues, and the compilation of both short and longer-term recommendations.


Appendix A (Microsoft Word)  |  Appendix A (PDF)

Appendix B (Microsoft Word)  |  Appendix B (PDF)

Appendix C (Microsoft Word)  |  Appendix C (PDF)

Appendix D (Microsoft Word)  |  Appendix D (PDF)

Appendix E (Microsoft Word)  |  Appendix E (PDF)

Committee Chairs

Steve Salbu

Cecil B. Day Chair in Business Ethics, Professor

Calvin Runnels

Student – Biochemistry


Student Committee Members

Adam Caparco, Graduate Student

Aroua Gharbi, Graduate Student – Computational Science and Engineering

William Harrer, Student – Electrical Engineering

Brandi Hill, Student – Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Auston Kennedy, Student – Industrial Engineering

Genny Kennedy, Student –  Aerospace Engineering

Kate Stauduhar, Student – Literature, Media & Communication


Faculty and Staff Committee Members

David Bamburowski, Director-Faculty Affairs and Graduate Student

Quinn Foster, Student Organizations Coordinator  Student Engagement

Steven Girardot, Associate Vice Provost – Undergraduate Education

Jennifer Hasler, Faculty in ECE

Karen Head, Assoc. Professor and Assoc. Chair – Literature, Media & Communication & Executive Director of Communication Center

Aby Parsons, Director-LGBTQIA Resource Center

Craig Womack, Assistant Dean & Director-Undergraduate Programs, Scheller College of Business


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