A Path Forward – Together: Action Teams Appointed

The Georgia Tech community is continuing the important work of addressing the many challenges brought to light by the recent events here on our campus. Significant progress has been made on identifying the leadership, membership, and charge for three of the four action teams outlined in my letter to campus Sept. 23. The focus areas and the membership of these action teams have been established based on numerous discussions with student leaders, faculty, and others about the need to make a step function change to our ongoing work in four broad categories: Student Mental Health, including a focus on both counseling and psychiatric services; Campus Culture; and LGBT+ Community Issues. The formation and charge of the Campus Safety Action Team has been delayed, however, pending the completion of the investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The action teams are in the final stages of formulation, and a page with additional information has been established at http://www.president.gatech.edu/path-forward-together. The site will become more robust during the process as additional information becomes available and will contain periodic updates on the progress and activities of each of the action teams. An email link is included that will allow you to submit your ideas, which will be just one of the ways team leaders will solicit input from the community.

We are looking to the Georgia Tech community to support these teams with their ideas, input, and suggestions; to provide information; and to “think outside of the box.” One of the trademark strengths of Georgia Tech is that we work in teams to develop powerful solutions that change lives. We have a strong reputation for innovation, leadership, and addressing global challenges. We are just as concerned about the health and well-being of our own community as we are about addressing those of a global nature.  

G.P. "Bud" Peterson

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