A Path Forward — Together

A Path Forward — Together

(Dec. 6, 2017) – The Georgia Tech community is continuing the important work of addressing challenges in four broad categories – Student Mental Health; Campus Culture; LGBTQIA Community Support; and Campus Safety.

Three Action Teams composed of students, faculty, and staff were formed in September at the request of President Peterson. The formation of a Campus Safety Action Team was delayed pending the completion of the investigation in response to the Sept. 16, 2017 tragedy on campus.

On Nov. 1, the Student Mental Health, Campus Culture, and LGBTQIA Community Support Action Teams submitted their reports, published on this site. 

Campus leaders reviewed the reports, conducted additional research, and developed an action plan with both short- and long-term goals to address the more than 180 recommendations. 

Student Mental Health

Campus Culture

LGBTQIA Community Support

Campus Safety

An End-of-Semester Update on Our Path Forward – Together

(Dec. 6, 2017) Members of our campus community have been working together diligently this fall to address some of the challenges brought to light by events earlier this semester. Last month, three Action Teams, each comprised of students, faculty, and staff, submitted detailed reports on Student Mental Health, Campus Culture, and LGBTQIA Community Support. As I mentioned during our follow-up meeting with the three groups, we are incredibly pleased with their work, and appreciate the insight and time investment from all of the team members.

Upon receiving the reports, I asked Institute leaders serving in various areas of responsibility to look at ways to implement the more than 180 recommendations, and to take it a step further by exploring additional actions that would address some of the challenges identified by the teams, while building upon the ongoing progress. I am writing today to provide an end-of-semester update on some of the initiatives that will help to ensure that we continue to improve our campus environment.


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