A Path Forward — Together

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A Path Forward — Together


A Path Forward - Together unites student, staff, and faculty voices around broad themes as a means for creating meaningful, positive change in the student experience at Georgia Tech. In fulfilling the Institute's commitment to an inclusive, safe, and healthy community, the following clusters represent areas of particular emphasis:

Updates on the Initiative

Tech Announces Plan to Hire Additional Mental Health Professionals
Dec. 13, 2018—Georgia Tech leadership this week said it will bring on three additional therapists – months ahead of schedule – in support of student mental health needs on campus.

Partnership Creates Joint Center for Mental Health Assessment and Referral
Dec. 7, 2018—Construction will begin during the winter break and is intended to significantly streamline the process for students who wish to access campus counseling and psychiatric services.

Students Join Executive Sponsors on A Path Forward — Together
Oct. 25, 2018—The executive sponsors charged with overseeing implementation of the objectives for A Path Forward — Together have invited students to join them as partners in the process.

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Initiative History

In the wake of tragedy, President G.P. "Bud" Peterson appointed three action teams to solicit input from the campus community and prepare a report identifying key issues, and short- and longer-term recommendations. These reports were shared with a newly created advisory group, which was asked to provide counsel in responding to and prioritizing the more than 180 recommendations. From this set of recommendations came 55 action-oriented objectives, grouped into three focus areas — Student and Community Life, Academics, and Health and Well-Being — which are currently being put into practice.

Student Mental Health

Campus Culture

LGBTQIA Community Support