Notes from the President

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2018 June 22

Our last day on Georgia Tour 2018 was our busiest yet! We had six meetings, along with two alumni events and a newspaper interview. We headed out early for a breakfast meeting in Athens just a short walk from the downtown Hotel Indigo where we stayed, then hit the road for Carnesville, where we enjoyed a meeting with Georgia State Sen. Frank Ginn, Chairman of the Senate Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee.

2018 June 21

Yesterday was a busy day on behalf of our Government & Community Relations office, with five meetings set up by the GCR folks. We have a couple more today, but the Office of Development is leading the way with four events. Of course, we always finish the evening with an Alumni Association event, which provides a more leisurely, fun-filled finish to a busy day!

2018 June 20

We headed out bright and early from Milledgeville to Sandersville, where we enjoyed a breakfast meeting at the local Waffle House with University System of Georgia Regent Ben Tarbutton III. Regent Tarbutton is one of our own, having earned a Georgia Tech management degree in 1994 and is a strong advocate for higher education.  He has been enormously supportive of Georgia Tech and along with Sachin Shailendra, CE ’00, and Dean Alford, EE ’76, is one of three Georgia Tech graduates on the Board of Regents (BOR).

2018 June 19

Off to an early start on our 10th Annual Georgia State Tour. What started out as an effort for Val and me to learn more about our state has become an annual event that involves people from all across campus who come together to plan and execute a truly remarkable trip. It is a logistical nightmare, but one well-suited to an enthusiastic group that somehow finds a way to squeeze an incredible number of events into four short days. 

2018 May 24

On May 18, EVP for Administration and Finance Steve Swant shared a memo with Administration and Finance leadership titled “The Importance of Oversight, Compliance, and Ethical Behavior.” The messages contained in that memo are so important that I want to share them with all Georgia Tech employees.