Notes from the President

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2017 April 25

It’s good to know that so many Georgia Tech students are enriching their college experience outside the classroom. Just a quick look at some of the successes of various student groups indicates that a lot of Yellow Jackets are tapping into opportunities to indulge their passions with other like-minded enthusiasts. In a number of these, they are also representing the Institute in competitive events outside our campus.

2017 March 20

Georgia Tech’s research priorities and funding opportunities were discussed at the town hall event March 16 in the Ferst Center. The event was part of the Conversations with Senior Leadership series being held this spring, open to all faculty, staff, and students.

2017 January 30

On Jan. 27 the U.S. Administration issued an executive order limiting nationals from seven countries from entering the country. The decision is impacting students, faculty, and staff at universities throughout the U.S., including here in Georgia. As we collaborate with the University System of Georgia (USG), and the federal government, I want to assure each of you that we place great value on the many contributions our international students, faculty, and staff make to the Georgia Tech community and recognize the vital contributions they have made and will continue to make to our success as an institution. I also want to update you on actions taken to date and provide a guide to resources. 

2016 December 22

The blending of the holiday season and Fall Commencement at the Georgia Institute of Technology always gives December a special kind of high-energy feel. At the same time that our newest graduates are winding down an important part of their academic careers, we’re also launching them into an exciting new chapter in their lives. 

2016 November 16

Universities occupy a special place in our American culture. They are places where new ideas are incubated, unique perspectives openly and freely exchanged, and societal changes spawned. As we celebrate International Education Week, I am particularly proud of the Georgia Tech community for its broad global perspective, but also for striving to maintain an inclusive environment in large and small ways. Our international students help us see the world through a different lens, both broadening our perspectives and enriching our lives.